mandag den 5. marts 2012

Different ways of presenting the same news

”11 year old girl dead hours after fight at school” did write February 28, 2012. The same day did the Danish online news site, write: ”US. 11 year old gild kills her friend.” At this point are there already some differences in the way the two news sites haven chosen to present this piece of terrible news. The Danish version is differently more directly and harsh in the headline.

Thereafter, we take a look on the contents of the two articles. The American article tells us, that the 11-year-old Joanna Ramos died six hours after she had been in a fight with a classmate on the same age as her. The two girls had been in a fight over a boy, who they both wanted to go with to
their school yard brawl. After the fight went Johanna back to school, but because she complained that she felt ill and vomited she went home. Johanna’s mom said: "My daughter started complaining, saying she doesn't feel good, let's go home, so we went to home and I changed her clothes, and she go to sleep, that's the only thing that I know.  We took her to the hospital but it was too late. She was in a coma." The people who saw the fight wanted to stop it, but some boys who wanted the fight to happen kept them back. The end for the article says, that there are no arrested yet.

The two articles chose both to quote this:
"I personally don't hear of 11-year-old fights like this, especially girls. I can't say they never happen but I think everyone was completely caught off-guard by this event." The differences are just, that the American article says that this is the police spokeswoman Nancy Pratt, who said this. At the other hand says the Danish article, that it’s doctor Keith Black, who said this.

In the Danish article is it the same reason they mention for the reason of the fight. The same thing is valid for the boys, who hold the people, who tried to stop the fight back and the same concluding remark is there about, that no one are arrested is present. However, the Danish article mention, that the dead girl was 10 years old, which is different from the American article. Other contradictory comment is, that the Danish article says, that she went directly to the hospital after she started complaining. Additionally, does the Danish article also mention, that the doctor of Johanna told the family, that she was alive, but that he few minutes after told them, that there was nothing they could do to save her, which isn’t mention in the American article.
Accordingly to superior I can conclude, that the to articles are different in the ways of choosing facts and are dissident with some of the details, but that they overall tell the same story. 

tirsdag den 7. februar 2012

A fair trade company by Josephine, Axel and Eduardo

The company's principle is that you turn your old lovely stuff in, they sent it to Africa; they make your old product into something else, something you will be happy about so you then again will use the thing you love which just has a different facade now. The company will subsequent sent your old-new product back. All the money the company owns is fair trade and will go directly to Africa. The money will help African people to get a better life. 

I think personally that this is a really good idea. We all have some old stuff we love too must to throw out, but at the other hand something we never are going to use again. I especially like that this is a fair trade store which means that my happiness for my old-new product also will make some African people happy and help them to get a better life.  

The owners of the company are Josephine, Axel and Eduardo

torsdag den 19. januar 2012


I chose the Round Tower (danish: Rundetårn) in Copenhagen as my building, which is one of Denmark's most famous buildings. King Christian 4. built the Round Tower between 1637 and the 1642. The tower is the first part of the Trinity complex that united church, library and observatory in one building. It’s 34,8 Meters or 114.2 Feet high.  

The Round Tower is the oldest functional observatory and it has been used to look at stars since King Christian 4. built the tower in 1642. Today it’s a long time since the scientists left the big telescope, but the observatory is still used by amateur astronomers and the tower's many guests.

Around the observatory runs an outdoor platform overlooking Copenhagen.
The road to the top goes through the spiral staircase, which also leads to the old Library in the middle of the tower, where there have been exhibitions, concerts and events since 1987.

When Christian 4. back in the days were building the Round Tower, the project was often stopped because of lack on money. At this reason the churches in Denmark and Norway were imposed to pay a part of their income to the building in the construction years.

The latest news from the Round Tower is that it got an extensive reconstruction. In 2008 they finished the reconstructions of Library Hall (current exhibition and concert hall), the bell ceiling and the old apartment on the top of the tower.

I chose this building because with out considering my house, this is the building there mean the most to me. I have past it a million times and it makes me happy every time, because I have so many unforgettable memories from there.

View from Rundetårn

tirsdag den 13. december 2011

Book report of Twilight

I have read the book Twilight written by Stephenie Meyer, which is a fantasy and romantic book about a normal girl and a vampire falling in love.

The main character in Twilight is Isabella Marie Swan, just known as Bella Swan. Bella has lived most of her life with her mother in Phoenix in Arizona, hence her parents are divorced. Her mother, Renée Dwyer, gets married for the second time and Bella doesn’t feel like living with her mom anymore because she is the reason, that Renée and her new husband, Phil Dwyer don’t live together, so Bella decides to move to Forks in Washington where her father, Charlie Swan, lives. Forks is a really sold and rainy place – the things Bella hates the most about weather.  

Bella is a really pale person, even that she comes from sunny Arizona. She has long, chocolate colored hair, brown eyes and is slight of build. She is extraordinary clumsy and describes herself as being a danger magnet. She is very old for her age compared with the fact that she’s 17 years old. She is also way different than her mother, who isn’t reasonable for her own or other people’s life.

After Bella have moved to Forks, she experience how must her father miss her mother and it’s clearly that Charlie isn’t looking for a new cohabiting partner. Charlie is working as a police officer and he’s quiet like Bella and that’s why they actually are good at living together. 

When Bella starts in school she is much more popular, than what she was use to back in Phoenix. She makes quickly a lot of friends and a lot of boys want to be with her, but Bella doesn’t feel the same way until she meets Edward Cullen. Edward Cullen is a 108 years old vampire, who will stay 17 years old forever. He was dying, when Dr. Carlisle Cullen transformed him into a vampire. Edward has since that day lived with Dr. Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme, who adopted him back then. Edward has four adopted siblings: Rosalie, Emmett, Alice and Jasper, who also are dating each other. Edward and his vampire family survive by drinking animal blood, instead of drinking human blood like other vampires and because of that they call themselves for vegetarian. But the first time Edward meets Bella, is her blood’s smell really appeal to him, which means that it’s really difficult for him not to kill her, but he is capable to resist and he falls madly in love with her instead of killing her.

Edward and Bella fall in love with each other, but this isn’t a love there is easy to handle, especially not when the evil vampire James turns up and the whole Cullen family has to protect Bella.  

This type of book is not my stile at all. I don’t like the whole concept about a story there can’t be true and I think that it’s horrible to read! Even though, I have to say that it’s well written and that I like the book’s structure and all the details, but I still don’t see the point of this book and for me it’s the worst book I have ever read.

fredag den 2. december 2011

Audrey Kathleen Hepburn

I have chosen Audrey Kathleen Hepburn as the person I admire. She was born May 4. 1929 and dead 20. January 1993. Today she is a very well-known person, who most of all is known from the photo you see on top of this text. One thing is that she was extremely beautiful (as you can see on the picture), but she was much more than that. I admire her for her strength and for being such a good and giving person. She was born in Belgium and grew up in the Nederland, where she experienced World War ll. She moved to London in 1948 where she was dancing ballet and working as a photographer's model at the same time. She became an actor later on in her life and today she is one of the world's most famous actresses of all time. The way she dressed was also a big inspiration and she was a big fashion icon. Later on in her life decided she to joined UNICEF. The experiences she got under the Second World War made her passion for humanitarian really big. She tried to help a lot of people and this was her biggest passion in life. I admire, that a person so beautiful and talent as Hepburn, still could see the important things in life and not only admire herself - that's the biggest talent Audrey Hepburn was given.            

fredag den 4. november 2011

Website review

The international website (Swedish)

Graphics: 2/4
Spelling and Grammar: 4/4
Layout: 2/4  
Navigation: 3/4
Content Accuracy: 4/4
Interest: 4/4
Content: 4/4
Copyright: 4/4

Additional comments:
This is a Swedish fashion-blog which I really like. Kenzas, the girl who is blogging, gives a lot of good fashion trips. I really like her style, but also just the way she is makes her blog really personal. She is writing about her lifestyle – the way she dressed up, what she's has done or will do during the day and all her thoughts. She’s also relates a lot to what’s going on in the fashion-world and what she thinks other bloggers are doing well. The bad things about her website are that she is on television in Sweden, which means that she also use the website to advertise herself, and an other thing are the layout and the advertisements on her page, which I think is inappropriate. But if you look away from that I really love this website as inspiration.

The English-spoken website 

Graphics: 4/4
Spelling and Grammar: 4/4
Layout: 4/4  
Navigation: 3/4
Content Accuracy: 4/4
Interest: 4/4
Content: 4/4
Copyright: 4/4

Additional comments:
I don’t now this website that well because I just started following, but so far I like it. This is also a fashion-blog but compared to Kenzas' blog is this one much more about the pictures and the great layout. I really like the beautiful pictures, which I find very inspiring. I also like the way she has done her graphics and layout, which I think gives the website a clean look. I also likes her style a lot.     

fredag den 14. oktober 2011

The big invention

I have made a big invention, which the world can’t live without! I would love to present a new application note by Natasja Vestergaard. This application is focusing on high-resolution foods and products found in drugstores and grocery stores. The application is a series of thoughts about the problem of not knowing what you can find or where you can find foods and product in drugstores and grocery stores. I have put these thoughts together and made this wonderful application!

The main idea is that Foods and Products Finder works as a search engine, which you can use anywhere and anytime you need help to find out where you can a specific item or you just want to know which products you can find in your local supermarket. After you have found the foods or products you were looking for, you will get a lot of information about your item. You will find out how many there is of this item, the information about the item such as the price, ingredients, expiry date, etc. You will also be able to get information about where in the store your item is located and in this way Foods and Products Finder will automatically make a route plan in the store based on your shopping list.

However, this isn’t the only way Foods and Products Finder can help you. The application can also be a big help in drugstore or grocery store. You can scan every item in with your smartphone, iPad or iPod and in this way get information about the item. Foods and Products Finder will compare the price of the foods or products with prices of stores nearby for this particular product. If possible, you will also get suggested alternatives in the same store and in addition you will also be able to read others opinions about the food or product.   

You can use Foods and Products Finder at any smartphone, iPad or iPod. Buy Foods and Products Finder at your Android Marked today and your shopping will be a success every time.